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Will a Sinus Infection Go Away By Itself?

For nearly 12% of American adults nationwide, this is the million-dollar question. And rightly so. Prolonged, chronic battles with sinusitis can leave many feeling dejected and hopeless, craving relief no matter how temporary. The bad news is that while some sinus infections clear up on their own, many do not, and if left untreated, symptoms can worsen or increase in frequency over time. And now the good news –– Florida Sinus & Snoring Specialists offers state-of-the-art treatments to not only treat sinus infection symptoms but drastically decrease them altogether. In this blog, we’ll provide some background about sinus infections and share how Florida Sinus & Snoring Specialists can help.

What Is Sinusitis?

To better answer the question above, a little context is needed. Sinusitis, the medical nomenclature for “sinus infection”, is defined as chronic inflammation and irritation of the paranasal canals that line the nose. It is the result of the sinuses, small hollow cavities that form part of your nasal structure, filling with bacteria-laden mucus, failing to drain as normal, and consequently becoming infected.

There are several common causes of sinusitis, each of which contributes to an abnormal blockage of the nasal passageways and related symptoms.

Some common causes include:

what is good for sinus infection

Depending on the root cause, a sinus infection may or may not clear up on its own. For example, if your sinus infection is the result of an anatomical abnormality, such as a deviated septum, it may be less likely to disappear for good, even with the help of OTC medications or antibiotics. However, if your sinus infection is the result of a seasonal or location-specific allergy, it’s possible that limiting exposure to the particular allergen will allow the sinus infection to clear, a process that can take anywhere from three to eight weeks.

Even so, there is no guarantee that any sinus infection, whatever its source, will resolve itself. Thus, it’s always in your best interest to seek the help of a specialist that can properly diagnose and recommend the appropriate actions to ensure long-term relief.

Treatment With Dr. Mandel

When you arrive at Florida Sinus & Snoring Specialists, your treatment will start with a series of on-site diagnostic tests, administered by Dr. Mandel or one of his expert providers. You may be asked questions about your medical history with sinus-related issues and what treatment methods you have tried. To get a clear picture of exactly what’s causing your infection, depending upon your symptoms, you will receive a nasal endoscopy, an ultra-low-dose CT scan of your sinuses, along with another possible diagnostic testing your provider deems necessary to best diagnose your underlying issue.

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Once the cause has been identified and other treatments fail, the appropriate minimally invasive procedure can be scheduled. Our procedures are highly effective and are performed under IV sedation in the comfort of our own office, as opposed to a hospital. Our patients are able to return to their homes shortly after their procedure, and most report being able to resume their daily routines within 24 hours.

Stop Sinusitis and Breathe Easier

With Florida Sinus & Snoring Specialists on your side, there’s no reason to wait for your sinus infection to clear up on its own. Dr. Mandel knows what’s good for providing long-lasting relief, and can recommend a treatment tailor-made for you.

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