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Common Mistakes That Worsen Allergies

No matter how much you treat them, do your allergies continue to flare up? Instead of finding the next solution, consider if you are committing the common treatment mistakes.

So before you endure another bad day, let’s take a look at the following mistakes you should avoid making:

  • Treat symptoms instead of underlying causes. Even though you may reduce your symptoms with certain treatments, it is only temporary unless you address the cause. If you experience chronic allergies, despite taking over-the-counter medication to treat your symptoms, visit an allergy specialist for a diagnosis and develop a personalized treatment plan.
  • Take medication later than sooner. Many people do not take medication until the problem happens. Once the reaction occurs, it is difficult to relieve its symptoms. Instead, “pre-treat” yourself before you expose yourself to allergens.
  • Ignore the pollen count. How much pollen or mold in the air of a particular environment can make a substantial difference to allergy sufferers. So make sure you know your pollen count and schedule your life around it.
  • Let pollen enter your home. Whether you open a window to let the fresh air in or you come home after spending hours outside, pollen can find its way into your home. It is best to shower after coming home after a long day. When it is time to do your laundry, make sure you dry your clothes inside. Remember, always keep the window closed.
  • Misuse humidifiers and air purifiers. While running these devices in your home can significantly improve the indoor air quality, improper maintenance of humidifiers and air purifiers can have an adverse impact on your air. Ensure that you use distilled water and change your air filters frequently.

If you are experiencing chronic allergies, our experienced physicians at South Florida Sinus & Allergy Center can give you a proper diagnosis and offer permanent relief. Contact us and schedule an appointment today.