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Latera Implant

Breathe Easier

It’s estimated that over 20 million Americans suffer from Nasal Airway Obstruction (NAO). Not only does this make everyday life uncomfortable and difficult, but it can have an overwhelmingly negative effect on other areas of your nasal and sinus health. If you feel like a clothespin is pinching your nose – or struggle with other obstructive breathing symptoms – it’s time to see Dr. Mandel for a Nasal Obstruction Symptom Evaluation (NOSE) survey. This will let us know if a LATERA Implant is the right treatment to help you breathe easier.

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Do You Suffer from The Following:

  • Congestion, stuffiness, and other breathing issues
  • Blockage or nasal obstruction
  • Difficulty breathing through the nose
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Inability to get proper airflow through your nose during exercise or exertion

NAO Causes

There isn’t a single cause of Nasal Airway Obstruction. Rather, the condition has many contributing factors. These range from blockage in the septum, turbinates, or lateral walls to an entire nasal valve collapse (NVC). Septal deviation and enlarged turbinates (turbinate hypertrophy) are the most common causes of NAO. 


What is the NOSE Survey?

The prevalence of NAO, and its negative impact on millions of people’s lives, led to the development of the Nasal Obstructive Symptoms Evaluation (NOSE) survey. It’s made up of five simple questions regarding the difficulty of breathing through your nose. Each question is rated between one and five. Your total is added and multiplied to achieve your NOSE score. Anything above mild discomfort (rated at 25) will likely make you an ideal candidate for a LATERA Implant.  

The NOSE survey is often performed in conjunction with something called the Cottle’s Maneuver. This is a test where Dr. Mandel will open your nasal valve by gently pulling on your cheeks. It takes seconds and provides invaluable diagnostic information. If your breathing improves during the test, the LATERA Implant will offer you additional relief.

LATERA Implant Treatment

The LATERA Nasal Implant is an innovative and minimally invasive type of NAO treatment. The implant itself is small and made of PLLA (poly-L-lactide) polymer, which is designed to be absorbed by your nasal tissue. PLLA polymer is the industry standard for bioabsorbable implant material. This means LATERA is a convenient and safe way to get relief from obstructed airways.

The LATERA Implant supports both upper and lower lateral nasal cartilage. It works by bridging these two pieces of cartilage, with the forked-end of the implant anchored above the maxilla and the balled-tip resting lower in the nose. This increases structural support and promotes airflow.

Dr. Mandel’s minimally invasive LATERA Implant technique is performed in-office under local anesthesia. The entire process takes under 5 minutes, allowing for quick recovery time and noticeable results almost immediately.

latera implant

Benefits of LATERA Implants

  • Improved airflow for years
  • Better sleep
  • Ability to exercise normally
  • Reduced congestion
  • Improvement of NAO symptoms
  • Minimally invasive
  • Absorbable and safe material

Time To Breathe Easier

The vast majority of patients who received the LATERA Nasal Implant reported reduced nasal congestion, increased airflow, better sleep, and a reduction of nasal blockage. In fact, over 57 percent of patients reported a continuous reduction of NAO symptoms two years after receiving the implant. They’re able to breathe better, easier, and more effectively thanks to LATERA.

If you or a loved one are experiencing narrowing of the nasal pathway, difficulty breathing, and trouble sleeping, then talk to Dr. Mandel about a LATERA Implant today. Call (954) 983-1211 or request your appointment online.

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