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Balloon Sinuplasty

Cure Your Chronic Sinusitis In 15 Minutes

Chronic sinusitis is a condition that can have a serious impact on your life. Marked by pain, constant pressure in the face, a never-ending stuffy nose, and even loss of smell – chronic sinusitis can put a stop to your life. It can keep you bedridden with debilitating headaches and congestion day after day. Thankfully, balloon sinuplasty treatment may be the answer to your chronic sinusitis. If you have tried, and exhausted, other treatment methods to no avail, then you are the perfect candidate for balloon sinuplasty. Keep reading to learn what this procedure is, and how it can give you the relief you need in as little as 15 minutes!

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Balloon Sinuplasty

Do You Suffer From The Following?

  • Facial Pain and Pressure
  • Nasal Blockage and Congestion
  • Fatigue
  • Postnasal Drip
  • Poor Sleep Quality
  • Headaches
  • Dulled Sense of Smell
  • Nasal Discharge
  • Cough

If so, then balloon sinuplasty is a great treatment option. 

Overview Of Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon sinuplasty is one form of endoscopic nasal surgery. While that may sound invasive, it is anything but. Thanks to Dr. Lee Mandel’s decades of experience – and the talented team at Florida Sinus & Snoring Specialists – your balloon sinuplasty is minimally invasive. You can expect no cutting, very low surgical risk, and a quick recovery with minimal discomfort.  

Treatment starts when you receive sedation through an IV from our board-certified anesthesiologist. After you are sedated, Dr. Mandel will insert an endoscope into your nasal passage. This allows him to see what is causing the inflammation. He then inserts a small balloon catheter. Not only does this open your sinuses, but it also reshapes your nasal passageway. The result is drainage of any fluid, which is helped by a saline flush. The balloon catheter is then removed, but not before it has naturally opened your sinuses. You can expect to see dramatically reduced sinusitis symptoms.

The entire procedure takes 15 minutes and is performed in our state-of-the-art, Level III state-certified procedure room. You may need up to a day to rest, but many of our patients are able to resume their normal activities within 24 hours.

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Balloon Sinuplasty

Start Feeling Better Today!

Balloon Sinuplasty keeps your sinus passages open, offering long-term relief from the problems associated with chronic sinusitis. Multiple studies have shown the effectiveness of balloon sinuplasty procedures, including a 2017 study which found a 94% success rate in its participants.

 Dr. Mandel, Director of Florida Sinus & Snoring Specialists and South Florida Snoring and Sleep Center, is nationally recognized as one of the leading otolaryngologists (ear, nose, and throat doctors). He is an expert at performing Balloon Sinuplasty treatment. As one of the only rhinologists in South Florida, Dr. Mandel is uniquely qualified to help you get relief from persistent and debilitating sinusitis.

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Balloon Sinuplasty Benefits

Originally approved by the FDA in 2005, Balloon Sinuplasty treatment has quickly become the standard of care for chronic sinusitis. This is due to several factors, including:

Balloon Sinuplasty requires no surgical incisions. It is performed simply and under IV sedation, resulting in high success rates and minimal side effects
There is no removal of tissue, cartilage, bone, or mucous membranes from your nasal cavity. Rather, the balloon catheter reshapes your sinuses in a safe, effective manner
Significantly reduced aftercare – while your body needs time to heal (usually a day or less), there is no need for complicated follow up procedures
Due to these factors, Balloon Sinuplasty is one of the safest surgical procedures you can receive. There is a minimal risk for infection, tissue damage, scarring, or any other common worries

These are just some of the reasons that Balloon Sinuplasty has become such a popular treatment. So, what benefits can you expect after receiving treatment at Florida Sinus & Snoring Specialists? A whole host, including:

Reduced or eliminated sinusitis symptoms
Relief from facial and sinus pressure
Relief from sinus headaches
Better sleep and more energy
Improved sense of smell
And more!

Breathe Easier with Florida Sinus & Snoring Specialists

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