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How to Choose a Doctor for Your Balloon Sinuplasty

Just think how much relief you would feel if you knew your chronic sinusitis were gone forever. You would have no more overwhelming headaches, the cough and sore throat might disappear, and your nasal congestion could clear up for good.

There is still hope this could happen, even if you have tried all kinds of home remedies and over the counter and prescription medications. Sinusitis surgery may be the answer, and a minimally invasive form called balloon sinuplasty can be an effective treatment for sinusitis.

Now, all that remains is for you to find a doctor to treat you. This can seem like a daunting task since there are many options, but here is some guidance on what to look for and how to make your decision.

Use your gut.

Go for a consultation and prepare beforehand by writing down all of your questions. Ask your consultation with the potential ear, nose, and throat doctor, and pay attention to the answers and the way the doctor delivers them. Do you feel respected? Is the doctor patient? Can you understand the doctor? Does the doctor seem compassionate? You need to feel comfortable with the doctor to get the best possible medical treatment, since care is a two-way street that depends on communication.

Ask about experience and qualifications.

Your ear, nose, and throat doctor should be board-certified. This ensures some sort of continued involvement in current events in the field, so you can be more confident in receiving the latest innovations and techniques in the balloon sinuplasty procedure.

Also ask how often the doctor performs the procedure. You want to be sure the doctor does enough balloon sinplasty operations to be completely comfortable in the techniques and in using the instruments properly.

Find out about facilities.

For some, an advantage of the balloon sinuplasty procedure is that it can be performed in a clinic under local anesthesia. Some patients prefer the familiar and low-key setting of the clinic compared to being an outpatient. You might also appreciate local rather than general anesthesia. If these are important to you, ask the doctor whether you will be in the hospital or the clinic for your surgery.

Read the reviews.

While some online reviews are clearly fishy, enough provide valuable information so that they are worth reading. Look for aspects that are important to you. You might appreciate, for example, a friendly staff, punctual doctor, and ample parking; these may all be mentioned in online reviews and can help you make your decision.

Find out about insurance.

Unfortunate, cost matters when it comes to health care. If your health insurance covers balloon sinuplasty and you meet the qualifying criteria, a major consideration when choosing a doctor may be whether he or she accepts your health insurance.

Keep your head up if your preferred doctor does not take your health insurance or your coverage does not include balloon sinuplasty. The procedure is less expensive than traditional endoscopic sinusitis surgery, or ESS because it need not be done under general anesthesia or in a hospital setting. Also, you may be able to get financing to allow you to foot the bill.

Deciding to get balloon sinuplasty can be a relief if you have dealt with symptoms of sinusitis for months or years. The next decision is finding a doctor to perform the surgery. Keep these tips in mind, and you can be confident in having a qualified and trustworthy doctor for this important treatment.