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Top 5 Travel Hygiene Tips for Any Time of the Year

While it’s true that certain times of year yield higher rates of illness, hygiene is important to maintain regardless of the season. It can prevent sinus infections, barotrauma, and other problematic occurrences, especially when traveling. Therefore, today on the Florida Sinus & Snoring Specialists blog, we are offering five hygienic tips you should keep in mind when traveling.

Wash Your Hands

You may recall your mom invoking this command like it was a matter of religion. And your mother would be right. Keeping your hands washed and clean is arguably the number one way to combat spreading and contracting germs. This adage rings especially true for those traveling through public means, such as flying, where one study suggested individuals were 113 times more likely to transmit illnesses like the common cold or the flu. Access to water and soap is less common on planes and highways, so hand sanitizer is often a good alternative for frequent travelers.


We simply can’t say it enough – water, water, water, and lots of it. Whether you’re flying with a sinus infection or driving with a cold, hydration is crucial to keeping your immune system strong and able to fight off intrusive bacteria or viruses. Many experts suggest drinking anywhere between five and eight glasses of water before and during travel.

Cover Your Nose and Mouth

Covering your nose and mouth while coughing or sneezing is essential to not exposing travelers around you to germs, bacteria, and viruses, whether sinus-related or not. Some travelers pack handkerchiefs for this purpose, though the most effective way to quarantine germs is to use a disposable tissue or napkin, rather than keeping it with you.

Saline Spray

Flights can exacerbate your sinus issues, whether it be a sinus infection or a cold. Therefore, it is smart to utilize a saline spray during travel to keep your sinus cavities moist and easy to breathe through.


While we are hesitant to sing praise about over-the-counter, alleviatory (as opposed to preventative) measures, we recognize that traveling often calls for immediate relief. You can use a decongestant spray, or a pill ingested orally, one hour before a flight of any duration, to help prevent sinus infection or cold-related symptoms from arising. A decongestant will clear your nasal passages and ensure proper flow during your flight. You should use caution, though, as decongestants can cause nasal dryness by opening the nose more, thus exposing the inside of the nose to the abnormally dry air common to plane cabins. Remember, too, that prolonged use of decongestants can lead to increased tolerance, dependence, and even worse issues.

Leave Your Travel Stress Behind With the Help of Dr. Mandel

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