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Is Dry Air Giving You Nosebleeds?

Are you getting frequent nosebleeds, especially during the winter? Consider the environment in your home. Many Floridians keep the air conditioner running at all time, which decreases the humidity in the room. Likewise, winter is an extremely low-humidity time of year. A decline in humidity may be the cause of your nosebleeds.

Humid air means there’s lots of moisture around, which can keep the skin inside your nose nice and flexible. Decreased humidity, however, means the air is absorbing whatever moisture it can, even if that moisture is from your body. If you’ve ever noticed your skin is dryer during the winter months, or if you leave your air conditioner running at all times, this is because the dry air is sucking the moisture from your skin. This problem can be exacerbated during winter months if people turn on the heater. The higher the temperature is, the less moisture there will be in the house.

This lack of moisture is a problem for the skin inside the nose, which tends to be thin. Your nose is full of tiny veins, which are incredibly close to the surface. If the nasal membranes in your nose become too dry, they might crack, which causes the blood beneath to rise to the surface.

The nosebleeds that result are more irritating than harmful; however, if they last more than 20 minutes and/ or occur frequently, you should visit your doctor.

Mucus is incredibly important in keeping us healthy, as it filters bacteria, smoke, dust, viruses, and allergens out of the air when you breathe in. In order to prevent dry noses, and the resulting nosebleeds, keep a humidifier in your home to slightly increase the humidity. You can also use a saline rinse to keep your nasal passages moisturized; these are available over-the-counter, as they are non-medicated. Last, it is important to stay hydrated, which keeps your cells moist and happy.

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