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Do Nasal Polyps Go Away?

If you’ve been diagnosed with nasal polyps, it’s typical to feel concern and confusion. What are they, what are the consequences of ignoring them, and most importantly, will they go away on their own? These are all normal questions, which we’ll answer today on the South Florida Sinus & Allergy Center blog.

What Are Nasal Polyps and What Causes Them?

Let’s start with the first question. Nasal polyps are soft growths that line nasal and sinus passageways. Usually formed into a grape-like shape, they are commonly the result of chronic inflammation and are associated with asthma, recurring infection, allergies, drug sensitivity, or certain immune disorders. 

Nasal polyp symptoms may include:

  • Runny nose
  • Stuffiness
  • Postnasal drip
  • Decreased sense of smell
  • Loss of sense of taste
  • Facial pain or headache
  • Pain in your upper teeth
nasal polyps symptoms

While polyps can sometimes be painful and annoying, due to the buildup of mucus and fluid in them, they rarely if ever constitute a trip to the ER. And the best news? They are benign, meaning they pose no potential to develop cancerous properties.

Nasal polyps are thought to be the product of mucus build-up that results from chronic and habitual inflammation, though the exact cause of nasal polyps is unknown. Nasal polyps can affect anyone, though they are most often diagnosed in adults.

Why Shouldn’t I Ignore Them?

Sure, small and singular nasal polyps may not cause symptoms. However, larger growths or crowding from small groups of nasal polyps can block your nasal passages or lead to breathing problems, a lost sense of smell and recurrent sinus infections. In severe cases, nasal polyps can lead to obstructive sleep apnea, which can lead to fatigue, headaches, and insomnia.

In short, while the polyps themselves pose little threat, ignoring their presence can lead to complications in the long run that are not so innocuous. And aside from complications related to nasal polyps, if observed, it’s always a great idea to follow up and do some medical due diligence with a specialist. 

Will They Go Away On Their Own?

Unfortunately, for most patients suffering from nasal polyps, the answer is no. Nasal polyp treatment usually starts with drugs, such as corticosteroids, which can make even large polyps shrink or disappear. In certain cases, medications will not be effective and a minimally invasive endoscopic procedure for polyp removal may be required. 

nasal polyps treatment

At Florida Sinus & Snoring Specialists, Dr. Lee Mandel and his expert team of specialists have established a variety of treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each patient, including those dealing with nasal polyps.

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