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Why Your Sinuses Feel Worse During the Winter

Sinus and allergy troubles never take a break, but they seem to work overtime during the winter. If you have ever had sinus problems of your own, you know exactly how bad things can get once the temperature drops, especially if you already lived in a cold climate. But why does the winter season seem so keen on wrecking your nose and nostrils?

Here’s a few reasons why sinus issues worsen in the winter:

  1. Drier air: Have you noticed that peoples’ hair gets frizzier and static-charged in the winter? It’s due to the frigid air becoming devoid of humidity. That same dryness that messing up your hairstyle will also irritate an already-sensitive sinus system. Not to mention running the heater in excess, as many homes and offices do, further dries out the indoor air.
  2. Artificial fragrances: With windows shut tight to keep out the cold, indoor spaces can start to smell a bit off-putting. Many people try to counter the mustiness with fragrant candles and aerosol sprays. While this might work to cover up the smell, airborne chemicals in even small quantities are likely to bother your sinuses.
  3. Mold & spores: Holiday decorations taken out of storage can be ridden with little deposits of mold that grew there, especially if they had been poorly packaged. Once out in the open, the mold will drift into the air and cause sinus problems. Even freshly cut trees and wreaths can release spores that your sinuses aren’t used to, and therefore take offense to.
  4. Dust & dander: The generally musty air quality of the winter also means that dust from furniture and carpet builds up faster, and dander from your pets is more likely to be trapped in your home. You will benefit from frequently vacuuming, dusting, and washing of your pets.

Most people will experience mild sinus irritation during the winter for all of these aforementioned reasons. Some, however, will have noticeable and possibly painful reactions to the irritants, allergens, and dryness. If this happens to you, it might be time to consider more effective and permanent solutions through sinuplasty or sinus surgery.

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