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Vivaer: A Tremendous Tool for Breathing Easier

Good news for individuals suffering from nasal airway obstruction, Dr. Mandel now has a new tool at his disposal. Known as Vivaer, it is a revolutionary implement that our team at Florida Sinus & Snoring Specialists can utilize in conjunction with our industry-leading minimally invasive nasal procedures.

What is Vivaer?

Vivaer is a revolutionary stylus-like device that, per a clinical trial, can be used to deliver “temperature-controlled, radiofrequency energy to the tissues of the internal nasal valve area.”

So, what does that mean for you? It means that our same great treatments have become even greater, thanks in large part to the Vivaer stylus.

An Improved Way to Breathe Easier

Thanks to Vivaer, our minimally invasive nasal procedures have become even more minimally invasive!

For example, in the past, we utilized a Latera implant to treat a nasal valve collapse. With Vivaer, we can essentially replace the need for a Latera implant without needing to utilize a foreign body, such as a nasal stent to hold up a collapsed nose.

For treating septal swell bodies, a laser would have to be used. Now, thanks to Vivaer, we can ablate the tissue and immediately cool the treatment site, resulting in better healing, reduced discomfort, and most importantly, easier breathing!

Pairs Well With Chronic Congestion and Stuffiness Treatments

Without a doubt, chronic congestion is one of the hallmark indicators that you may have an obstructed nasal or paranasal airway structure. Not all congestion has the same root cause, but in effect, all congestion is the result of an inflammation of the nasal tissue. In some cases, an illness, allergies, irritants, or anatomical concerns can cause this ailment.

Antihistamines and decongestants can offer temporary relief, but they treat the symptoms, rather than prevent the problem completely.  For people experiencing congestion, a minimally invasive nasal procedure, featuring the Vivaer device, can quickly improve airflow for long-term relief.

Can Be Used to Treat Habitual, Abnormal Snoring

Irregular, erratic, and disruptive snoring is a common symptom of nasal passage obstruction and inflammation. The result of chronic snoring and breathing obstruction during sleep can lead to daily fatigue, and if left untreated, can increase your risk for blood pressure, heart, and liver problems, as well as Type 2 diabetes. Using the Vivaer stylus, our team can naturally and gently remodel your nasal canal to alleviate the cause of the obstruction and offer long-lasting, preventative relief from snoring and nasal obstruction.

Can Address Difficulty Breathing While Exercising

For many people, nasal airway obstruction rears its ugly head most during exercise. The blockage effectively hinders airflow, preventing your body from oxygenating as much as it needs to during physical exertion. The result can be fatigue and an inability to gather your breath after even just a short period of aerobic or anaerobic movement. The Vivaer stylus can reduce swelling of the mucous membranes in the nose and help to reform the nasal canal for optimal airflow.

If you’re an athlete or active individual, you no longer have to struggle with nasal airway obstruction during exercise. Our leading treatments and the Vivaer stylus can make these exercise-related breathing troubles go away for good.

Vivaer Is Now Available at Florida Sinus & Snoring Specialists

Are you looking for relief from chronic nasal obstruction or other potentially sinus-related issues? If so, you need to contact Florida Sinus & Snoring Specialists to see if you are a candidate for our groundbreaking minimally invasive nasal procedures, now featuring the revolutionary Vivaer stylus.

Dr. Mandel and his team of expert providers will evaluate your situation and customize a treatment plan to address your breathing issues. Call us today at 954-866-7148 or request online to schedule your appointment.