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Minimally Invasive Nasal Procedures

For Long-Term Relief

Another key area of obstruction, which is many times overlooked or underestimated, is the nose. Perfect airflow through the nose is required during sleep to prevent turbulence causing the palate to fall backward. For this, a minimally invasive nasal procedure is often added at the same time as your MIPS procedure to maximize nasal airflow.

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Do You Suffer From:

  • Nasal Stuffiness
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Reduced Sense of Smell
  • Breathing Through Your Mouth

Overview of Procedure

While shortening and tightening the palate tissue in the back of the throat using MIPS, Dr. Mandel will many times conduct an additional minimally invasive nasal procedure to maximize nasal airflow with the most reduced postoperative discomfort. Following this dual treatment plan, patients will likely no longer require further use of a CPAP machine. The procedure is completed in one visit under IV sedation with no nasal packaging and a 24 hour recovery period.

Start Feeling Better Today!

If you are intolerant of your CPAP machine then Dr. Mandel’s minimally invasive nasal and pharyngeal treatment plan can help. It’s time to eliminate the need for your CPAP machine and breathe easier with Dr. Mandel. Following treatment, you will notice improved breathing and sleeping in just one week and significantly enhanced breathing in the weeks to follow.

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