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Tips to Save Your Sinuses When Traveling

One of the worst parts about traveling is catching a cold and/ or a sinus infection on the flight. This is made easier in the cabins of planes because of unhealthy, recirculated cabin air. Other people who are sick are breathing germs into the air, and that same air is traveling around the entire airplane.

Likewise, this same system dries out the air, which in turn, dries out the sinuses and creates congestion. The low, near lack of negative ions can also contribute to pain and respiratory inflammation. Add all this to the fact that your immune system may be weakened by lack of sleep, stress, and other factors, and you get a recipe for illness.

To avoid this sensitivity to dry sinuses, make sure to get a good night’s sleep before and after your flight. This will prepare your body for dealing with any potentially harmful bacteria. Likewise, in order to avoid as much stress as possible, arrive at the airport at least an hour early to give yourself extra time to check your baggage, proceed through security, and find a seat. If you are afraid of flying, consider asking your doctor about an anti-anxiety medication that can last you throughout the duration of the trip.

In addition, make sure to eat a healthy meal before leaving for the airport followed by several types of antioxidants (2,000 mg of vitamin C, 400 IU of vitamin E, 180 to 360 mg of Allimax or AlliUltra Allicin) and a good multivitamin. Pack a healthy snack to bring with you in case you get hungry. Keeping your body well fueled can prevent your immune system from being weakened by hunger. Also, take 100mg of grapeseed extract at least 20 minutes before the pre-flight meal and another dose of the extract on an empty stomach during the travel.

Keep hydrated, especially in the dry atmosphere of the plane. Caffeine and alcohol should also both be avoided, as they are diuretics and will prevent your body from having a healthy amount of liquids. A saline nasal spray can also help counter the dry air, which will prevent your sinuses from drying out. If you’re staying in a hotel, also consider traveling with a negative ion generator, which you can place next to your bed to clean the air and prevent infection.

However, if you’ve traveled recently and are having problems with a sinus infection, don’t hesitate to call us. Our skilled Plantation sinus and allergy specialists would be happy to speak to you in an appointment and help you treat your sinus infection. Sinusitis can often be painful, as it puts pressure on the sinus cavities. Our doctors can help ease your suffering. Our focus is on treating the conditions of the sinus, and we have helped many clients seek the relief they need. Florida Sinus & Snoring Specialists, Inc. is proud to offer effective treatments tailored to your particular situation. Let us help you improve your quality of life by providing you with top-notch medical care and service.

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