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Sinus Relief Pressure Points: Where Are They And How do They Cause Sinus Relief?

Whether they are causing facial tenderness or a stuffy nose that obstructs breathing, there’s nothing enjoyable about sinus issues. While a variety of alleviatory treatments exist in the form of over-the-counter sprays and pills, at Florida Sinus & Snoring Specialists, we prefer natural methods of easing congestion.

Let’s take a look at sinus pressure points, where they are, and how much faster and more effective they are than OTC pharmaceuticals.

What Are Sinus Pressure Points?

Our sinuses are small cavities filled with air that line the bone structures around our cheeks and nose. When they become inflamed or filled with mucus, the result is a feeling of pressure that can lead to congestion and pain.

As discovered via Chinese methods of acupuncture, our sinuses can be stimulated and energized by administering pressure to certain areas of the face and chest. Massaging sinus pressure points can help to improve:

  • Blood flow
  • Relax muscles
  • Decrease swelling
  • Drain mucus.

Where Are They Located And How To Use Them For Relief

Here are some key pressure points for sinus relief.


This sinus pressure point is located on the face, at the base of both sides of the nose. To relieve sinus pressure, simply place one finger on your Gymnic Physio Ball 120cm Fitness Ball – Fitness and Bodybuilding Balls face at either side of your nostrils and press.


Centered on the bridge of your nose and the inner side of your upper eyelid, this point can be activated by placing your fingers into the tiny hollows between your eyebrows and nose and gently applying pressure.


This sinus pressure point rests just below where your cheekbones meet your nose on each side of it. They can be pressed on simultaneously to soothe swelling and stimulate drainage.


On the back of the head rests GB20 pressure points. They sit in the grooves where the back of the head attaches to the muscles of your neck. They can be stimulated to relieve sinus build-up with the gentle pressure of two thumbs


The points can be found on the hand, about a half inch from the crease between your thumb and hand. They can be massaged with the opposite thumb on each hand to help relieve congestion.

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