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How GPS Technology is Helping to Cure Your Sinus Issues

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) has been around since the late 1970s. Pioneered by Walter Messerklinger, FESS quickly became the standard of care for anyone seeking surgical relief from chronic sinus infection symptoms. While FESS is still used today, there are more effective options. One of these is Fiagon© and trust us when we say it’s revolutionizing the field of otolaryngology. Today, we’re going to explore cutting-edge sinus treatments (like sinus GPS) and discuss some of the benefits you can expect from them.   

Common Sinus Infection Symptoms

Before looking at the latest breakthroughs in sinus treatment, let’s first take a look at sinus infection symptoms.

Sinus infections have a number of signs and symptoms, including:

  • sinus gpsHeadache
  • Congestion
  • Sinus pressure
  • Fever
  • Postnasal drip
  • Diminished ability to smell
  • Fatigue

These sinus infection symptoms often mimic those of the common cold and other conditions. You should always consult with a South Florida sinus specialist before starting any treatment. 

Cutting-Edge Sinus Treatments

Now that we’ve identified some of the more common sinus infection symptoms, it’s time to look at the solution, and with an estimated 600,000 sinonasal surgeries performed each year, a breakthrough sinus treatment is definitely needed.

That’s where sinus GPS technology enters the picture.   

sinus infection symptomsWhat is Sinus GPS Technology?

Sinus GPS is a form of computer-assisted image guidance. It’s the marriage of technology-based accuracy and doctoral expertise.Fiagon© is used to detect and locate the source of sinus issues. It’s then used throughout the entire treatment or surgical process to offer unparalleled precision. When paired with Dr. Lee Mandel’s decades of experience and excellence, the result is nothing short of a solution to your sinus infection symptoms.

 Sinus GPS works by combining CT scan imaging with real-time surgical tracking. The CT scan maps bone, tissue, and nerves, while also identifying microscopic abnormalities. Computer tracking updates the position of surgical instruments to within one millimeter. This combination leads to more successful sinus treatment outcomes, whether for balloon sinuplasty or any other procedure. 

Benefits of Sinus GPS

There is no shortage of benefits that come from using Sinus GPS technology like Fiagon©. 

These benefits include:

  • Accuracy – this is especially important given how tight the nasal cavity is and its proximity to the eyes and brain.
  • Improved outcomes – more accurate imaging leads to improved sinus treatment outcomes.
  • Quicker recovery time – there are no external incisions, which leads to a shorter postoperative recovery period. 

sinus treatmentSouth Florida Sinus and Allergy Solutions

Florida Sinus & Snoring Specialists is redefining how sinus treatments are performed. From using the latest technology to taking patient-centered care to new heights, we couldn’t be more proud of our results.

Dr. Lee Mandel – the Director of Florida Sinus & Snoring Specialists and South Florida Snoring and Sleep Center – is the only rhinologic surgeon approved to use Fiagon© in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Call us today at (954) 983-1211 for the highest-quality and most accurate sinus care in South Florida!