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Eyes Watering? You May Have Allergies

Tears are an important part of eye health; they nourish and lubricate the eye, keep it working properly, and expel foreign substances that might irritate the eye. Sometimes, however, the tear duct can produce extra tears or the average amount of tears you usually produce don’t drain properly, making your eyes water. This problem can be explained in several ways.

First, consider your environment. If it’s a windy day outside, the moisture in your eyes is likely being whisked away by the dry atmosphere. This lack of lubrication causes your body to create extra tears to keep them protected and moist.

Alternatively, you could have an eye infection, which is your eye’s attempt to wash away the germs causing it. If this is the case, you should see a doctor, who can provide you with antibacterial treatments. Eye infections tend to be extremely contagious, so do your best to keep from rubbing your eyes.

If you have improperly functioning tear ducts, this could also cause problems with overproduction. If a tear duct is blocked or fails to open, tears can’t drain from the eye as they should. The duct may fill with fluid and become swollen, inflamed, and sometimes infected. This happens in adults as the result of injury or a medical condition and will need treatment. Babies under a year old are also more likely to have blocked tear ducts, but this clears up on its own without any long-term effects.

Finally, one of the most common reasons for overproduction of tears is allergies. The same things that might trigger a nasal allergy, such as pollen, dander, smoke, dust, and mold, can trigger your eye allergies. Your immune system responds to allergens by producing histamine, which causes many symptoms, including itchy and/ or watery eyes. These symptoms usually disappear after the administration of an antihistamine, such as Benadryl.

However, if you’re having additional problems with your allergies, consider talking to one of our Plantation sinus and allergyspecialists. If you’re unsure why your eyes are watering, you can speak to one of our doctors at Florida Sinus & Snoring Specialists, Inc. Our specialists are trained to deal with all things allergy related and can take the time to examine your eyes and determine the best course of action to deal with your overproduction of tears. Our team prides itself on being at the cutting edge of technology and techniques while keeping our patients in sharp focus. Let us help you with whatever might be causing your condition.

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