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6 Tips to Avoid Allergy Upsets during the Holidays

The holidays are all about large gatherings and festive events. However, sneezing and wheezing caused by allergies or asthma can put a damper on the holiday cheer. From nuts in the snack bowl to an aunt’s pungent perfume, holiday parties can be quite a challenge for those with allegories or asthma.

The fact of the matter is that you are going to be exposed to allergens during this time of year. It is imperative to remain aware of where the issues occur, so you can deal with them in a proper and timely manner, then enjoy the party!

The following are six helpful tips to avoid allergy upsets this holiday season:

  • Before heading out to an event, please medicate. Most often it is difficult to avoid dusty decorations or overpowering holiday odors, so taking medication before you go might be a must.
  • Avoid smoke. While it’s nice getting warm near the fireplace, smoke is actually a common trigger for asthma. Stay clear of smoke and rely on your furnace for warmth instead.
  • Eat smart. Holiday overeating can be quite tempting since loads of food are served and cooked throughout the next few months. However, many common holiday delicacies contain dairy, nuts, and wheat. Make sure that the food being served doesn’t contain anything you are allergic to and always carry your injectable epinephrine just in case.
  • Become the designated driver. There are preservatives in beer or wine that can trigger an allergic reaction. If you decide not to drink, not only do you avoid an allergic reaction, but you can be more clear-headed and safer while behind the wheel.
  • Always think green. Trees and holiday greenery are associated with many allergens. Whether you use a natural tree or an artificial one, make sure you thoroughly clean tree before putting it up for decoration.
  • Get a flu shot. Germs can be exchanged with many people at a festive event, so play it safe this holiday and get a seasonal flu shot.

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