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Sinus GPS

Dr. Mandel is the only rhinologic surgeon in Broward and Miami-Dade counties approved to use Fiagon© - a computer-assisted Image Guided Surgery (GPS) technology. This gives us the advantage of verifying exactly where troubled areas in the nasal and sinus are located. Having such a detailed assessment through every phase of testing, surgery and recovery ensures each patient receives the best treatment South Florida has to offer.

Accuracy is the mainstay of image guided surgery. Our state-of-the-art surgical suites are outfitted with leading-edge CT imaging technologies for unparalleled accuracy in testing and treatment. The integration of CT imaging software in our operating rooms enhances Dr. Mandel’s ability to perform minimally invasive sinonasal, sleep and snoring related surgeries in-office with virtually zero complications.

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How It Works

A head mask is placed on the patient to pinpoint anatomical landmarks. CT images are loaded into our Sinus GPS navigation system and calibrated to pre-set reference points recorded during the CT scan. Dr. Mandel then maps bone landmarks and measures tissue density for a complete assessment of each patient’s unique airway. This allows our navigation system to track surgical instruments within 1-mm to ensure each procedure meets our high standards in patient care.

Simplifying The Complex Anatomy Of The Nasal Cavity

Using intra-operative imaging technology, Dr. Mandel takes snapshots before, during and after surgery to show a fuller perspective of anatomy and surgical changes in real-time. Such a detailed approach greatly reduces postoperative discomfort (reducing tissue inflammation, and excess bleeding) while drastically improving success rates.