United States Department of Justice (DOJ) Corrects Report on its Website Removing Association of Paul Tartell, M.D. and Paul B. Tartell, M.D., P.L. with South Florida Sinus and Allergy Center

Center Director, Dr. Lee Mandel, is Grateful for the Department’s Acknowledgement of the Error and Quick Response to Correct the Report

Plantation, FL – February 13, 2017 – On Friday, February 10, 2017 the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that Dr. Paul Tartell and his practice, Paul B. Tartell, M.D., P.L., entered into a settlement agreement with the federal government wherein they must pay a total of $750,000 to resolve disputed claims related to billing for surgeries that allegedly either weren’t necessary or provided. Per the report, the whistleblower, a former patient of Dr. Tartell, will receive $135,000 of the settlement money.

In the initial report, the DOJ mentioned that Tartell's company, Paul B. Tartell, M.D., P.L. was doing business as South Florida Sinus and Allergy Center, which was incorrect. As a result, the Director of the Center, Lee M. Mandel, M.D., F.A.C.S., who is the President of the Florida Society of Otolaryngology, has been responding to media reports and inquiries inaccurately associating Dr. Tartell, his practice, and the settlement with the South Florida Sinus and Allergy Center.

Dr. Mandel stresses that neither he nor South Florida Sinus and Allergy Center was under investigation for any of the fraudulent activity related to the settlement.

This morning, the DOJ corrected the report on its website removing the association between Dr. Tartell and South Florida Sinus and Allergy Center.


Additionally, upon learning of the erroneous nature of the DOJ report this Saturday, the South Florida Sun Sentinel updated its story indicating Dr. Tartell’s lack of association with Dr. Mandel’s current practice. Dr. Mandel is very grateful for the Sun Sentinel’s quick and professional response.


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